Best 1000w Indoor Grow Light Test Review & Comparison of Standard HPS and Double Ended Bulbs

Hi everyone this is Nate at Growers House ( Today we are testing Double Ended 1000W HPS bulbs and Double Ended Reflectors & Hoods.

Now the reason we're testing these bulbs is because they are supposedly possibly toppling the single ended, which is the standard 1000w HPS bulb we're all familiar with, as the best bulb for indoor growing. The reason they say these bulbs are better, which we are going to test today, is that they're double ended design actually makes the bulbs more stable allowing the bulbs to actually have more intensity with the same amount of wattage and they say that the bulbs are designed to have a slightly broader spectrum than traditional 1000w HPS bulbs. So what we are going to do is put those claims to the test, one claim that we can't test today is that (although we might do it in the future) is that these double ended bulbs last longer and degrade less quickly than traditional 1000w HPS bulbs and they say after 10,000 hours they are supposed to still have 90% of the intensity of the bulb when it first starts out, ignited for the first time.

We are going to put these bulbs in different fixtures, these double ended, and compare them to traditional Hortilux Super HPS 1000W bulb in a Magnum XXXL Air Cooled 8 inch Reflector which has been for a long time considered the industry standard for large growers to use when they are trying to cover alot of area and get the maximum yield possible. We are going to see if we can topple that reflector with some double ended fixtures by testing them, the Gavita Pro Double Ended Complete 1000W Fixture, we are also going to put in an Adjust-A-Wing Double Ended Large Reflector, and the new Sunlight Supply Sun System AC/DE Double Ended Air-Cooled 8 inch Reflector. We are going to use the same exact ballast and same exact bulb for each double ended fixture, which is the Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 1000W Double Ended, and the Galaxy Grow Amp 1000W Select-A-Watt Ballast. We are also going to use our PAR meter to measure the intensity over a 4 foot by 4 foot growing area, we are also going to put the two different bulbs under the SpectralRadiometer from StellarNet, which is going to show us the exact spectrum that these bulbs will be giving off so that we can compare them.

Best Indoor Grow Light Test Bulb Spectras

Here are the results of some of the test data. You can see the SpectralRadiometer readings for the Hortilux Super HPS 1000W bulb and the Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 1000W Double Ended. You can see from the spectral graph below each bulb, measuring the relative intensities of the light in different spectras. You'll see that these two are fairly close to each other, but here in the double ended graph is actually a little bit wider. It actually has more of a broad spectrum, I would say that when it is said that the spectrum is different with the HPS bulbs, it is true, and it was even a little bit broader than what we consider the most traditional bulb on the market, the single ended Hortilux Super HPS 1000W bulb on a digital ballast.

Best Indoor Grow Light Test Fixture

Next we have the PAR readings (photosynthetically active radiation) for the Magnum XXXL Air Cooled 8 inch Reflector over a 4x4 footprint at 24", 30" and 36" above the canopy. In this Infographic you can see all the readings that we have taken from the center to 1x1 foot, 2x2 foot, 3x3 foot square, 4x4 square. We have these PAR readings for each light in this test available in the Infographic PDF, and also the raw data in an excel sheet. If you would like to look at the data closely you may download it from the links here.

Another interesting and informative test, more to come, if you have any tests or products you would like us to review and test please send us an email or comment here.

Best Indoor Grow Light Test InfoGraphic PDFKeep tuned for more of the latest growing technology!

This is Nate from Growers House, Happy Growing!

Best Indoor Grow Light Test InfoGraphic PDF

Best Indoor Grow Light Test: PAR Excel File Spectral Data Excel File

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