Ceramic Science 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Light Conversion Kit Unboxing & Review

Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here, and today I'm showing off a cool new product! One that I think is going to be really great for customers who are really looking to get into their first ceramic metal halide light. And also for those who already have reflectors, and they need a new way to use them because maybe they moved onto double ended lights.

So what I'm showing off is this new kit that we're offering at Grower's House and it's exclusive to Grower's House at the moment. Essentially it's a kit which we call a, Ceramic Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit


This kit comes with is a 315 watt ceramic metal halide ballast, and it's a digital ballast that operates at 120­240 and it comes with both of the power cords, and here's the most unique part the adapter which is actually a 315 ceramic metal halide socket to mogul socket adapter and then your option or your choice of 315W MH Lamps, this one being the Phillips 315W CMH Lamp.

And I want to show you guys how this works because it's basically a new product. So here I have like a traditional inexpensive wing reflectors. You can see reflector is meant to be used with anything from 250­ to 1000 watts. You can get these reflectors usually pretty inexpensively even 20, 30, 40 bucks and I can turn this fixture with this retro fit kit into a ceramic metal halide kit.

cmh_adapter_1bEssentially you just take this socket adapter and you can take your 315 bulb and put it in this adapter turn it in, and then simply screw it into your mogul adapter, and there you go you have a 315 watt bulb inside any traditional fixture you've ever used, and the benefit of this is you know a lot of people just have these reflectors lying around and some of these ceramic metal halide kits are 3, 4, 5 hundred dollars where this can come in at half to a third to a quarter of the price of some of those.  Ceramic metal halides are gaining a lot more popularity because these ceramic metal halide 315 lights have a better wider spectrum, and what I mean by better is they have a wider spectrum, or more uniform spectrum than most MH metal halide or HPS lights.

A lot of people like using these CMH lamps because they believe the spectrum better mimics what you're getting actually from the sun which plants originally evolved with in nature. They do have you know a fair amount of UV light which people like because it adds potency to your overall crop.

But I just really wanted to show it off to you guys because I think it's really cool, use it with any reflector you want from a Magnum to a Raptor, or to an OG vertical reflector, Luxor, anything you want really. But other than that, This is Nate from Growers House, have a good one, Happy Growing.

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