PLS 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Light Conversion Kit Unboxing & Review

PLS 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Light Conversion Kit Unboxing & Review

Turn Any HPS Or MH Grow Light Into A CMH 315w Grow Light

Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here, and today I'm showing off a unique, new product. One that is going to be great for growers who are looking to get into their first ceramic metal halide light.

Who this package is for? 1) Those who have old single ended reflectors they'd like to turn into 315w CMH reflectors 2) Those who want to use a specific reflector that only has a normal MH/HPS single ended socket yet they'd like to use it form CMH lamps 3) Those who may want to use 315w lamps in an open fashion, such as bare bulb hanging (images below if you're unfamiliar with this method). 

What I'm showing off is exclusive to Grower's House at the moment, since we are the first company to put these components together into a CMH grow light package. Essentially it's a kit which we call the Prism Lighting Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit.

prism lighting science 315w cmh conversion kitprism lighting science 315w cmh conversion kit
prism lighting science 315w cmh bulbprism lighting science 315w cmh bulb

This kit comes with is a 315 watt ceramic metal halide ballast that operates at 120­ to 240 volts and comes with both 120 and 240v power cords. The most unique part the CMH grow light kit is the adapter which is a 315 ceramic metal halide socket to mogul socket adapter

With those items you can then choose the 315w CMH lamp of your choice. Our recommendation of the best CMH 315w lamp to use is the Philips 315w CMH lamp. Philips 315w lamps tested best in terms of overall output against the most popular CMH lamps available in our Best 315w CMH Lamp Comparison Test. Use the Philips 3100k lamp if you're going to use it for both veg + flower or just for flowering, as it's more full spectrum. Use the Philips 4200k lamp if you're going to use it for propagation or veg, as it has a more blue spectrum.

One of the great benefits of this Ceramic Metal Halide grow light package is its versatility. You can literally turn any single ended grow light reflector into a CMH reflector. Want to have your 315w air cooled? No problem. Want to use the old reflector collecting dust in your garage? Let's do it. 
Essentially you just take this socket adapter and you can take your 315 bulb and put it in this adapter turn it in, and then simply screw it into your mogul adapter, and there you go you have a 315 watt bulb inside any traditional fixture you've ever used. Most CMH 315w complete grow kits cost $300-$500, but this can get you going for less than $200 including your lamp. 

Ceramic metal halides are gaining a lot more popularity because they have a better, wider spectrum than HPS or MH lamps. The benefit of a better spectrum is the CMH lamps better replicate the sun and all of its wavelengths, which is the spectrum that the plants evolved to thrive under. CMH lamps also have a fair amount of UV light, which people like because it increases resin production in plants. 

prism lighting science 315w cmh bulbprism lighting science 315w cmh bulb