The Ultimate LED Grow Light Warranty Comparison

LED grow lights are a financial investment that most buyers hope will last for years. However, the unforseen can happen and occasionally even the best brands have issues. If there is a problem, your light's warranty will matter. So which brand of LED grow lights has the best warranty? Read on to find out!

LED Grow Light Warranty Comparison

All manufacturers require proper installation of fixtures and correct, compatible power to maintain the warranty. Many have additional requirements, such as shipping the damaged light in original packaging, producing a purchase receipt, and contacting the manufacturer before shipment. Always read the fine print. Below we have listed close to 40 of the most popular grow lights brands on the market, including all of the grow light brands that we sell in addition to a few that we don't sell.

  • Advanced LED Lights: full three-year warranty or limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty covers parts but not labor.
  • AgroLED: 90-day full warranty; one-year limited warranty. Agro covers parts and labor during both warranty periods but pays for shipping only during the 90 days.
  • Apache Tech LED: two-year limited warranty. Apache will do one of the following: repair the product with new or refurbished parts; supply parts that the customer must install; replace the product with a new or refurbished fixture; or refund the original price paid.
  • Apollo Horticulture: full two-year warranty. After two years, customers may purchase parts from the manufacturer but must supply labor.
  • Area 51: two-year warranty on parts and labor; limited lifetime warranty. In the first two years, the manufacturer supplies parts free and labor free if the customer ships the light to Area 51; customers may elect to install parts themselves. After two years customers may purchase parts from the manufacturer at a savings but must install the parts themselves.
  • Bios: three-year limited consumer and five-year limited commercial warranty. Bios will replace defective parts with new or used parts; replace the fixture with a new or used but fully functioning fixture; or give credit against the purchase price minus depreciation. Customers must pay for all shipping.
  • Black Dog LED: limited lifetime warranty. Overall, it is a three-year full warranty and a five-year parts warranty.
  • Build My LED (BML): full five-year warranty. They will repair the light only if 15 percent of the LED lights are out.
  • California LightWorks: limited three-year warranty on SolarXtreme; limited five-year warranty on SolarSystem and Greenhouse Professional lights. California LightWorks supplies parts and labor or replaces the light if it fails due to materials or workmanship during the warranty period.
  • Fluence: three-year warranty on SPYDR 2, VYPR 2, and VYPR 3 fixtures; optional five-year extended warranty available. Fluence will repair the fixture with new or used parts if 15 percent of the diodes do not work, or will replace the fixture, at its discretion.
  • Gavita: three-year warranty. Gavita will repair with new or reconditioned parts or replace the fixture, at its discretion.
  • Growers Choice: five-year warranty. Growers Choice repairs ROI fixtures with new or reconditioned parts or replaces the fixture, at its discretion.
  • G8LED: full two-year warranty. They cover parts and labor to correct defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Heliospectra: three-year limited warranty. Shipping covered within the first 90 days; customer pays shipping to the manufacturer after that. Heliospectra will repair or replace a defective fixture during the warranty period and will return the product or a replacement to the customer within 90 days of receiving the fixture. Parts and labor are covered.
  • Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG): three-year warranty. The light must first be returned to the retailer for possible repairs. HLG will repair or replace the fixture at its discretion after a return merchandise authorization (RMA) is obtained.
  • Hydro Grow: two-year warranty on SOL light; three-year warranty on X-Pro. You must register your light to qualify for warranty service. Hydro Grow supplies replacement parts; the customer supplies labor. You can also pay Hydro Grow an extra $50 (including shipping) to fix the light.
  • Iluminar: five-year limited warranty. The warranty includes: first year, credit or replacement; greater than one year but less than 2.5 years, 75 percent off replacement cost; greater than 2.5 years but less than five years, 40 percent off replacement cost; more than five years, customer pays for parts if available and for shipping.
  • Kind LED: three-year limited warranty. Parts and labor are covered for all three years, with defective fixtures repaired or replaced. Manufacturer pays shipment to its facilities in first 90 days; after that, customer pays shipment to manufacturer, and amount over $50 for cost of shipment from manufacturer.
  • Kessil: one-year limited warranty. An RMA must be obtained from the distributor. Kessil pays for parts and labor, or for replacement.
  • Johnson Grow Lights: full three-year warranty.
  • Lighthouse Hydro: one-, two- and three-year warranties, depending on the model. Pay special attention to which LED model you buy to know which warranty it carries.
  • LTC: five-year warranty. LTC, once contacted, will assist the buyer with warranty returns.
  • Lush Lighting: 90-day satisfaction guarantee; three-year warranty. If not satisfied with LushLighting fixtures within 90 days, the customer may return them (conditions apply); manufacturer pays shipping. Defective lights may be replaced during first 90 days. After that, manufacturer covers parts and labor on warranty returns. LushLighting pledges to return damaged lights or replacements within 14 days; manufacturer pays for shipping from its facilities.
  • Luxx: one-year accidental damage; three-year full warranty. Accidental damage is no-questions-asked replacement during the first year. Three-year warranty covers defects only, including parts and labor. Warranty request must be made online.
  • Mars Hydro: one-year warranty; extra-cost, optional five-year warranty. Parts and shipping of parts are covered for one year; Mars Hydro states, “Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of Mars Hydro.” The company may or may not authorize the use of a repair center. Some repairs may require a payment by the customer. “We reserve the right to refuse warranty repair or replacement service to anyone,” the company states.
  • NextLight: 30-day satisfaction guarantee; five-year warranty, including Core LED fixtures. Manufacturer covers parts and labor; customer must pay for shipping to NextLight in original packaging after contacting manufacturer.
  • Phlizon: three-year conditional warranty.
  • Phantom Photobio: five-year warranty.
  • Platinum LED: five-year warranty with terms and conditions. It appears that each claim is assessed case by case, so they may not honor the warranty.
  • PowerPAR: three-year warranty on LED bulbs; five-year warranty on LED fixtures.
  • Prism Lighting Science: two-year warranty on Stealth fixtures.
  • Pro Source Worldwide: no stated warranty with LED lights.
  • Radix: three-year warranty.
  • Scynce: five-year limited warranty. Scynce repairs or replaces the fixture if it fails to maintain at least 80% of its original light output and if more than 10% of the LEDs fail. Scynce pays shipping.
  • Spectrum King: full three-year warranty; five-year warranty on power cord and housing.
  • Sun Blaze: one-year warranty on lamps.
  • ThinkGrow by Trolmaster: five-year warranty on parts. Customer supplies labor.
  • TotalGrow: five-year warranty. Once the manufacturer receives the product, it repairs or replaces the fixture or issues a credit.

More Considerations on LED Grow Lights and Their Warranties

Does the warranty really matter?

Yes, the warranty matters when buying LED grow lights. Remember, LEDs are not as inexpensive as HID lights, so they are a sizable investment. LED lights have a reputation for lasting a long time, which is why many people are willing to pay the higher cost for the lights. Ensuring lights have a good warranty is of paramount importance when investing in lighting.

Which LED brands have the longest warranties?

All of these companies have a 5 year (at least partial) warranty: BIOS, Black Dog LED, California Lightworks, Growers Choice, Illuminar, Nextlight, Phantom Photobio, Powerpar, Scynce, Spectrum King, ThinkGrow.

At GrowersHouse, we offer leading LED lights for sale to meet all your grow needs. We know their reputations and we try to stick with the best. However, each brand has its own particular warranty and they are not all the same. If you would like more help, please contact us to learn about the different warranties, what they cover, and which companies can be trusted to honor their warranties.