Iluminar Lighting

ILUMINAR - The grow light company built by growers. It may be a new name, but our team has over two decades of gardening experience and we're incredibly proud of it. We’ve learned a lot over the course of those twenty years, but nothing we've seen in all that time has superseded the basic rule of; 'follow the money', so much so, it’s become our mission to cut through the noise to save you cash. You see the issue isn't what you 'think' you need - it's what your plants need and what suits within your budget, and plants are simple, and...

...plants don’t care about trends,

​ ...plants don’t care about technology,

​ ...plants don’t care about brands.

We at ILUMINAR understand how to make viable products without getting caught up in the current hype. In twenty years we've seen technologies come and go, so we don't care for unproven gadgets or bells & whistles either. We care about what experienced growers care about: converting as much power from the socket (and therefore your wallet) into PAR for your plants as efficiently as possible. It doesn't matter if that's for a personal grow or a full scale commercial garden, why waste money on immature tech that needs a lot of math to justify it's existence?