Fluence LED Dimmer Controller

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1 Month +
A dimmer for controlling light intensity of Fluence fixture(s) via an easy-to-use up/down arrow function. Light output is reported on a digital display. Fluence Bioengineering offers a reliable, user-friendly dimmer that controls light intensity from 0-100% for up to 50 Fluence fixtures. Controlling PPFD while reducing energy consumption, and maintaining a high coefficient of utilization (CU) by increasing light-use efficiency, is now easier than ever. Choose Dual Connectors or 5' PWR/DIM Whip depending on your Fluence fixture.

This dimmer allows growers to easily control the light intensity of their Fluence fixture via an easy-to-use up/down arrow function, and clearly shows the user their light output via a digital display.

The dimmer connects to each Fluence fixture via a threaded or push-lock connector (provided) through an adjustable PWM or 0-10V signal switch, and can be daisy-chained to connect up to 50 fixtures (not to exceed 200 feet of signal wire) off a single dimmer.

Extending the signal wire more than 200 feet will weaken the signal strength and may reduce the total number of fixtures that can be dimmed. If more than 200 feet of total signal wire is needed, please consult an electrician or contact a Fluence representative at support@fluencebioengineering.com.

A battery-backup ensures light levels are maintained in the event of a brief power outage to the dimmer.

This dimmer should be installed away from wet environments and areas likely to be splashed with water, and always dry hands thoroughly before using. Do not install this dimmer in environments with 80%+ humidity.

Please note: This dimmer is meant to control the overall light intensity of your Fluence Bioengineering fixture(s). It is not meant to act as a timer to control photoperiod. Please use a switch or timer to power fixtures on/off for photoperiod control.

Electrical Specifications:

  • PWM Dimming Signal: 0-100% +/- 1% Source/Sink: 40mA DC
  • 0-10V Dimming Voltage: 0-10V +/- .1V Source/Sink: 40mA DC
  • Backup Battery LiPo: 600mA (Fully Charged)
  • Power: 120V AC Power Output: 12V at 1A

Wondering what you need?

5' PWR/DIM Whip

All 2nd Generation fixtures such as SPYDR 2 and VYPR 2 now include push-lock connectors that make cable connections a breeze. If you are purchasing this dimmer to control a single SPYDR 2 or VYPR 2 fixture, the 5’ PWR/DIM Whip is ideal. This single cord draws power from and supplies a dimming signal to, your SPYDR 2 or VYPR 2 fixtures. Please note, while the 5’ PWR/DIM Whip does not need a plug to operate, it does require your Dimmer to be mounted within 5’ of the fixture. This option is recommended for customers buying a single SPYDR 2 or VYPR 2 fixture to deploy in a grow tent or small room. Extensions will be available soon to daisy-chain this 5’ PWR/DIM Whip to additional fixtures.

Dual Connectors

If you are purchasing 1st Generation fixtures such as SPYDRx, SPYDRx PLUS, VPYRx, VYPRx PLUS, or any RAZR or RAY fixture, or you are purchasing a mix of 1st. Gen. and 2nd Gen. products and wish to control them all with one dimmer, the Dual Connectors option is ideal. This Dual Connector includes one push-lock and one threaded connector that output simultaneous and identical dimming signals. The Dual Connector option does not draw power from the fixture(s) and comes with a discrete 12V power supply that requires a 120V outlet.

Spare Connector

Need Pigtails?

We’ve included a spare dimming-cable connector in both of the above options along with instructions on how to connect your signal-wires. Attaching the spare connector takes less than 2 minutes and can be added to the dimming-cable of your choice or to your existing dimming-cable.

More Information
Name Fluence LED Dimmer Controller
Brand Fluence
Weight (lbs) 1
MSRP $120.00
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 120v