As a grower, you are also a system designer, an artist and scientist whose vision can manifest as aquaponics, aeroponics, ebb & flow, deep water culture, drip, rooms, pods, grow boxes and tents. We carry it all, allowing you unlimited creativity. Learn More

Hydroponic Systems and Kits

Hydroponics means to grow without soil, providing the valuable nutrients that would normally be present in the soil by using the water instead. Mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent are delivered to the plant's roots either directly or via an inert medium or substrate. Hydroponic systems come in various types to fit your specific needs and preferences, with each technique having advantages and benefits. We carry complete hydroponics kits for every budget and skill level.


An aeroponic system provides nutrients to the plant's root continuously to an environment saturated with a nutrient solution using mist or fine droplets of water. By using no substrate the roots are left to grow suspended in the nutrient saturated air which provides all of the oxygen and co2 the roots need.

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Deep Water Culture works by means of suspending the plant roots in a solution of nutrient-rich, oxygenated water in a reservoir. The solution is oxygen saturated by use of an air pump combined with an airstone to oxygenate the water. DWC is excellent for those just starting out since it's the simplest method of growing in a hydro system.

Ebb & Flow or Flood & Drain

An ebb and flow method works by flooding the grow area with the nutrient solution at specific intervals, which then drain back into a reservoir containing the pump on a timer. This type of flood and drain hydroponics system is ideal for plants that are used to alternating periods of dryness to wet.

Top Feed, Drip Systems

Provides a slow feed or drip of nutrient solution to the chosen substrate or medium which then slowly drains back to a reservoir where it will be pumped back up in a continuous cycle. A complete drip system would typically use both a water/nutrient pump along with an air pump to help oxygenate the solution in a reservoir.

Aquaponics Systems

Fish + Plants = aquaponics. An aquaponics system combines hydroponics with aquaculture such as fish, crayfish, and snails, etc. The nutrients come from the by-products these living organisms provide. Water circulates from one system to the other benefiting from both processes.

Grow Box / Closet Systems

Growing in tight spaces or discretely requires a well-designed and compact system providing all the basics, from light to airflow, to the hydroponic system itself. Often these closed systems provide for full environmental control.

These days hydroponics systems come in all shapes and sizes and here at Growershouse we provide complete hydroponic kits as well as just the right parts and pieces you need for your own hydro systems.