Rolling Benches & Flood Tables for Indoor Growing & Greenhouses

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Commercial rolling benches and flood tables are the best way to optimize any large scale cultivation facility. Rolling tables afford an extra 50% more plant canopy than stationary flood tables because they completely eliminate the need for dedicated aisles. Instead of a growing environment with four aisles between tables, you can now take the same room and whittle it down to one aisle to absorb the extra space directly into canopy to increase your return on square footage investment. All of the rolling benches we offer have varying features and functionality you can compare below. All rolling benches below are all made for indoor grow rooms and greenhouses alike. These rolling benches are designed for years of use with galvanized steel and heavy duty components that can resist the temperature and moisture fluctuations of your garden.

More Plants

*Up to 30% more plant space versus standard bench systems

Better Optimized

A versatile system that makes aisle management easy.

Bottom Line

Activate and maximize your grow room space for increased production.

Grow Your Bottom Line is the only retailer that offers every option of rolling benches in the growing industry. Don’t use a supplier that will coerce you into the one option they have available. Choose the best option for your budget and desired specifications. Use the tabs below to compare and contrast the different options available of rolling benches in the market. We offer all prominent features and pictures for you to get a good understand of each offering. This allows you to make the most informed purchasing decision.

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Under pressure, heavy gauge ABS trays outperform High Impact Polystyrene trays. In standard tests ABS out performs (HIPS) in impact strength, stiffness and thermal shock making it more resistant to cracking, bowing and leaking. Best in class strength, durability and rigid design. Recessed drainage channels and vertical support beams combine to provide over 700 sq inches of contact along the length of our 20 ft 6 in bench. Modular design creates maximum flexibility. The Botanicare Slide Bench System allows growers to modify length, working height, aisle width and drainage slope to adapt to any growing style or room.

  • Length: Extend the length of your 10 ft 6 in base system in 5 ft increments (currently up to 40 ft 6 in).
  • Height: Ergonomic 30 in and 20 in height options.
  • Aisles: 8.5 in of travel from center provides a minimum aisle width of 17 in.
  • Drainage: Built-in slope adjustment of up to 5 in.

Integrated Trellis Support: Trellis supports were engineered to fit inside the frame structure so as not to interfere with aisles. This integrated feature also protects and secures tray seams and accepts 3/4 in PVC or 3/4 in conduit for trellising structures.

FS Rolling Benches are manufactured from 12 gauge steel and formed for integrity, our benches will hold up to all growing needs. Designed with an anti-rotate stop plate to withstand the load while cantilevered to the maximum width desired. Coated with either a DTM clear finish or a powder coat to endure many years of use. FS Rolling Benches come in standard sizes of 4’x8’, 4'x4', 4'x6', and 3'x6'. Standard bench sizes are built to fit Botanicare's low tide and OD trays with an added trellis mount system for tray support and vertical trellis posts. Custom sizes can be easily tailored specifically for your garden.

GGS rolling benches now feature an all-aluminum frame for superior corrosion protection. They are also extremely durable, and are custom built for your grow facility. To complement our highly space efficient rolling benches, GGS has developed an all aluminum grow net support system that is durable, easy to install, as well as height adjustable.

  • Can be fabricated in expanded metal covering, ebb and flood trays, or irrigation troughs
  • The snap-together aluminum profiles and factory welded stands make your job easier
  • Mitred corners prevent workers or customers from ripping clothing
  • Supports maturing plants through top heavy growth, minimizing the risk of stem damage
  • Brackets clip into place on the side rail of your benches
  • 60" long vertical tube support allows height adjustment to accommodate crops of various strains
  • Netting easily attached by stretching over the tube support or secured using ties

Integrated Trellis Support: Trellis supports were engineered to fit inside the frame structure so as not to interfere with aisles. This integrated feature also protects and secures tray seams and accepts 3/4 in PVC or 3/4 in conduit for trellising structures.

For many years Caylx has been involved in various research greenhouse projects and indoor growing facilities. We have been involved in several agricultural research facilities and in the last number of years and an increasing number of medicinal projects in both the US and Canada. Many of our customers rely on us to take greenhouse production models and apply them to this fast growing industry. We have extensive knowledge of indoor and Greenhouse growing facilities and have incorporated table systems, environmental control, Co2 distribution, computer controlled fertigation, water disinfection, water storage, Reverse Osmosis systems, and zero run-off recirculation in all types of facilities. Our design team can produce a complete set of drawings for your project upon request.

Caylx uses top quality European trays made with virgin polystyrene with multi-directional drains to provide a vertical fill, consistent draining for any design of flats or individual pots. Rolling Benches come complete with Quick Drain Valves, Drain Filter Bulk Heads and Ebb & Flood Liners which are impact proof, manufactured in Europe and made of UV stabilized polystyrene.

  • The bench stands are spaced at 6 ft. along the length of the bench and are adjustable
  • The deck of the bench can adjust from approx. 31-37” above the bench foot (other heights are available upon request).
  • The bench stands have 2'' x 6'' plates for feet.
  • Lengths 1.9'' dia. roller tube x 21' with swaged ends.
  • Hat profile top supports spaced at 12''
  • Corner Brackets for tables
  • Aluminum, clip on bench side profile
  • Anti-tip bracket for 1.9 tube
  • Optional Trellises assembly sets: Trellis are designed and installed every 6 feet of linear table length and one set at the end of each bench. Each set is mounted on the inside wall of each bench so there is no additional clearance required.