Plant Care
We carry all your basic and expert needs to combat any pests or diseases in your grow room. Ranging from organic sprays and fungicides to sticky traps and bug screens we have everything that can protect, prevent, and destroy all the harmful elements that can develop in your garden.

The two biggest issues with hydroponics and indoor/outdoor gardening are pests and diseases and GrowersHouse has everything you need to help protect, prevent, and destroy wherever develops. From insecticides and organic pesticides to live insects and air filters, we carry everything you need to combat those pesky critters.

Having troublesome issues with mold? Try our collection of Fungicides to help deal with it for good. Our selection of Sulfur Burners / Evaporators can also help keep mold and mildew in check by raising the pH on the surface of your plant's leaves where mold likes to form. Try our Wetting Agents / Leaf Washes to really make those foliar treatments stick to slippery leaves. And speaking of sticking, we carry all kinds of insect Traps to help keep an eye on your pest situation before it becomes an infestation.