Our Best Grow Tent Picks for the Home Hydroponics Hobbyist

Top Grow Tent Picks

As a home hydroponics hobbyist, you probably know the importance of having the right equipment on hand to fine-tune your crop cultivation. A grow tent is one piece of equipment that gives you remarkable advantages.

Here we will look at our top grow tent recommendations to meet your plants’ needs based on best value and best yield. Top brands that you'll find recommended here include Gorilla Grow Tents and Plant House.

One of the primary purposes of a grow tent is to help with moisture and temperature control. This is true whether you are growing in a barn, the bedroom, or in a closet, so let's start the breakdown!

For the Barn

Many hydroponic hobbyists have headquartered their grow operation in their garage or barn because it’s away from the house and offers more space for cultivation. Controlling the temperature and moisture in this environment is increasingly difficult and a grow tent can help to begin dealing with these issues.

Gorilla Grow Tent 8' x 16' — Best Value


This Gorilla Grow Tent measures 8 feet by 16 feet. It boasts thick, light-reflective walls that are lightproof from the outside. It is odor resistant. With proper insulation, it is tranquil. The EX-view built-in window lets you see your crop with an incredible 360-degree view at a glance.

  • Fully height adjustable to meet the space needs of your growing crop
  • Easy to walk into
  • Reflective walls
  • Odor resistant
  • Accessible tool pouch
  • Micro-mesh pest filters
  • Fully insulated
  • Made from solid metal support poles that hold up to 500 pounds
  • Infrared-blocking roof
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Safety pool for water spills
  • Large EX view windows with a 360-degree view
  • Double cinched duct ports

Gorilla Grow Tent 10’ x 20’ — Best Yield


When cultivating the best yield in your barn, you need a grow tent with ample room for the plants to flourish. This Gorilla Grow tent measures 10 feet by 20 feet. It is ideal for 8,000 to 12,000 watts of lighting. You’ll also receive a free 1-foot height extension, making this tent 7 foot 11 inches tall if you use it. You can even purchase another 2-foot height extension to extend the size to 8 feet 11 inches or 9 feet 11 inches.

  • Expandable height
  • Made with interlocking metal poles and connectors
  • Easy to set up
  • Tool pouch
  • 360-degree view window
  • Flood protection pool
  • Durable zippers that easily engage
  • Micromesh pest-control pre-filters
  • 680D threaded, reflective fabric

For the Bedroom

Not everyone has a barn for placing a grow tent, but many people have a spare bedroom in their house or apartment. Let’s take a look at our top three grow tents picks for the bedroom.

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 4’ x 8’ — Best Yield


The Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty is 4 feet 11 inches tall, an ideal height for short rooms, but you can easily make 5 feet 8 inches tall by inserting the included 9-inch height section. It’s your decision whether you use the extension kit.

  • 168D fabric
  • All-steel construction
  • Industrial-strength zippers
  • Height adjustable
  • Tool pouch
  • EZ view windows
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • Duct ports and vents
  • Infrared-blocking roof
  • Bug resistant

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent - 5 x 5’ x 73” — Best Value and Yield


If your spare room is small, check out this Plant House indoor grow tent that measures only 25 square feet but has all the bells and whistles of a giant tent. Its compact size makes it perfect for indoor hydroponic gardening.

  • 25 square feet of grow space
  • Can hang up to 110 pounds of lighting and ventilation from the ceiling
  • 100 percent lightproof design
  • Overlaps zippers prevent light leaks
  • BoPET film with 98 percent reflectivity
  • All-metal frame
  • Inlets to control airflow

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent — 4’ x 4’ x 73” — Best Value


Don’t let the size fool you: The Plant House Indoor Grow Tent might be small, but it’s mighty. It provides 16 square feet of grow space and can easily hold 110 pounds of lighting and ventilation equipment. It is the perfect size for a small bedroom or closet. This one is comparable to the Plant House Indoor Grow Tent — 5’ x 5’ x 73” but is more affordable and only a pinch smaller.

  • 100 percent lightproof
  • Side doors
  • Extra air inlet secured with fine mesh and held in place with a Velcro flap
  • Durable and easy-to-use zippers
  • Adjustable straps to secure fans and docs
  • Water-resistant floor foil
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel-pipe frame
  • 110-pound capacity of light and ventilation equipment
  • Carry bag

For the Closet

Keep it covert. You can easily set up a hydropionics system with these grow tents that is small enough for the closet of any home. See also: Tips for Hanging a Grow Light in Your Closet.

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 2' x 2.5' — Best Yield


The Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty is perfect for a closet that has a low ceiling. It will easily hold smaller plants. The tent is 4 feet 11 inches tall, but if you do have a tall closet, you’ll be happy to know that this tent comes with an extension kit to raise the ceiling to 5 feet, 8 inches. It supports 300 pounds of lighting.

  • Height adjustable
  • Tough 1680D fabric
  • All-steel frame
  • Can support 300 pounds
  • Tool pouch
  • EZ view windows
  • Durable zippers
  • Bug-resistant micro-mesh with pre-filters
  • Infrared-blocking roof
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • Sturdy spill tray

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent - 2’ x 2’ x 67” — Best Value


This compact grow tent by Plant House measures 4 square feet but has many impressive features of much larger tents. The framework will easily hold 110 pounds of lighting and ventilation. Its frame is all metal.

  • BoPet with 98 percent light reflectivity
  • Extra air inlet with a fine mesh flap that secures with Velcro
  • 100 percent lightproof
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel pipe frame
  • Can hold 110 pounds of lighting and ventilation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Carry bag
  • Water-resistant, removable floor foil

Plant House Indoor Grow Tent - 3’ x 3’ x 73” — Best Yield and Value


This Plant House Indoor Grow Tent is larger than our choice above, so it gives you more room for growth to generate a greater yield. It offers nine square feet of grow space and can hold 110 pounds of lighting and ventilation equipment.

  • 98 percent reflectivity with BoPET film
  • Easy-to-use and durable zippers
  • Two power ports
  • Six vents
  • Extra side door
  • 100 percent lightproof
  • Three micro mesh windows with flaps
  • 110-pound capacity for lighting and ventilation equipment
  • Made from powder-coated galvanized steel pipes

Grow Tent + Light Packages


If you want a complete package then you’ll want to check out these hydroponic light and grow tent packages. These packages have been put together by our staff and these come with the essentials that you will need to get your plants growing. You can also put together your own custom grow tent package here.

5' x 9' Grow Room 1100W CLW LED Coco Complete Grow Tent Package — Best Yield for Coco


Are you dreaming about your own in-house hydroponic grow system? You’ll fall in love with this complete 5’ x 9’ grow room tent package, which includes everything you need to start cultivating your favorite crops.

  • Odor control with the GrowersHouse Carbon Filter 8" x 24" 750 CFM
  • In-line fans
  • Lightproof ducting with clamps
  • Two California Light Works Solar System 1100 LED Grow Light
  • Thermometer and hygrometer to control the tent’s heat and humidity
  • Soft mesh trellis netting
  • pH control kit
  • Titan Controls Apollo 8 24-Hour Dual Timer

4' x 8' Grow Room 1200w 3KR HLG LED Coco Complete Grow Tent Package - Best Value


If you are looking for an affordable grow room package kit, check out the 4' x 8' Grow Room 1200w 3KR HLG LED Coco Complete Grow Tent Package. This kit was designed by experienced growers to fit the needs of those who are new to hydroponic systems, but it also serves more advanced growers well.

  • Common Culture Carbon Filter for odor control
  • Soft mesh trellis netting
  • Six-inch fan
  • 24-hour timer
  • Two 600W LED Grow Lights
  • Thermometer and hygrometer

2' x 2' Grow Room 100W 3K HLG LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Package


This tent package was designed by experienced growers. It has been fashioned to create a superb growing experience. The 2' x 2' Grow Room 100W 3K HLG LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Package comes with everything you need to successfully cultivate your crop.

  • Reinforced full metal frame
  • Durable, sheathed fabric
  • Crossbars to hang lighting or ventilation systems
  • 110-pound equipment capacity
  • Inlets on the top and bottom with cinch flange to adjust the diameter and Velcro flaps that are 100 percent lightproof

These are just a few of our best grow tent picks for the home hydroponics hobbyist. At GrowersHouse, we have many grow tent choices. Please contact us to learn more.