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As a full cycle supplement, Vitamax Plus™ improves efficacy of any base nutrient. Key inputs help plants maximize foliage and flower development. With low organic content, this formula is ideal for water culture. Essential Nutrients Boost with Multiple Chelates For Minerals and Added Vitamins

VitaMax Plus™ is specially formulated to improve plant growth. The VitaMax Plus™ formula was originally designed for use in plant laboratories or greenhouses. It encourages better root development, larger buds, blooms, fruits and flowers by developing a robust plant system. Vitamax Plus™ contains essential primary and secondary nutrients necessary for optimal growth. Great for transplanting and rooting.

Vitamax Plus™ is an excellent crop-enhancing addition to your regular feeding program.

1L makes 1000L of solution

Application Rate

1-2 ml per 1 L
General: Mix 5−10 ml per 4 L of water (1−2 tsp / 1 gal) and soak soil/media with the solution.
Young Plants: Mix 10 ml per 4 L of water (2 tsp / 1 gal). Use weekly.
Vegetables or Herbs: Mix 10 ml per 4 L of water (2 tsp /1 gal). Use bi-weekly or more as needed.
Exotic Plants, Orchids or Cacti: Mix 5 ml per 4 L of water (1 tsp / 1 gal). Use bi-weekly or more as needed.
Flowering: Mix 5 ml per 4 L of water (1 tsp / 1 gal). Use weekly.

Derived From: Ammonium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Nitrate, and Monopotassium Phosphate.

Nutrient enhancement

  • Amino chelated calcium provides free calcium as well as amino based nitrogen
  • Amino acids can help with plant stress response
  • Select nutrients provide for stem strength and root development
  • Formula boosts photosynthesis and formation of chlorophyll cells
  • Increases the metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Allows for the synthesis of organic compounds
  • Activates enzyme production and increases protein synthesis
  • Low molecular weight humates improve mineral availability
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