House & Garden Starter Kit Bundle (Soil)

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House & Garden Soil bundle with Soil A & B, Multi Zen, Bud XL, Shooting Powder and Roots Excelurator
Start growing with the best line of nutrients today with our House & Garden Starter Kit Bundle. This includes everything you need to give your plants the House & Garden line for an entire grow cycle.
  • 1L of Soil A & B (One Liter of each)
  • 1L of Multi Zen
  • 1L of Bud XL
  • 2 Satchets of Shooting Powder
  • 250ml of Roots Excel

House & Garden offers complete nutrition for all plants with their cutting edge formulations. The House & Garden nutrients line offers some familiar products that have been improved upon as well as some unique formulations exclusive to the House & Garden line. House & Garden has gradually become the most reliable and successful supplier and producer of plant nutrients. This success has been achieved in close cooperation with scientists, laboratory technicians and physicists, each of who are specialized in different branches of botany. These nutrients, which are made of an entirely new composition, structure, and method of preparation have turned out to have hit the bull’s eye and have attracted a substantial number of loyal and satisfied users worldwide.
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Name House & Garden Starter Kit Bundle (Soil)
Brand House & Garden
MSRP $257.16