Mills Nutrients - Start-R (5-0-0.5)

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    Root Enhancer, Growth Stimulator. Premium level nutrient complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive for use during the seeding, growth, and early bloom phases. High bio availability and fast absorbsion for development of seedlings, cuttings, clones, and during transplantation.
    Mills Nutrients START-R contains a highly available form of nitrogen and unique combination of Bio-Stimulants which acts as a root stimulator while promoting plant vitality and abundant branching. START-R is immediately absorbed by the plant and is perfect for proper development for seedlings, rooted cuttings, young plants, and use during transplant.

    START-R is responsible for:
  • Fast and strong development of roots
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  • Improvement of media structure ad nutrient uptake
  • Rapid recovery from transplant shock
  • Provides vitality and improves yield

  • Mills Nutrients are the least expensive premier nutrient line for high quality plants. Mills Nutrient line is simple with only 5 bottles. Use the Mills nutrient line of Basis A, Basis B, Start-R, Ultimate PK, and C4.


    Use at 4 ml/1 gallon during the entire growth stage and first two weeks of bloom. START-R is a must have for any serious grower. Compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods.
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