Green Cleaner Spidermite Miticide

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    Spray Green Cleaner on plants of every age, from clones through harvest. Spider mites do not become immune to Green Cleaner, as they do to other products. It’s thoroughly effective because it kills mites and their eggs. Green Cleaner also washes powdery mildew right off plants. All-natural, Green Cleaner can even be used on the day of harvest. Green Cleaner goes a long way because it’s a concentrate that mixes with water. A 2-ounce container of Green Cleaner makes 1 to 4 gallons of spray; a 4-ounce container makes 2 to 8 gallons; 8 ounces make 4 to 16 gallons; 32 ounces make 16 to 64 gallons; and 128 ounces make 64 to 256 gallons.

    Because Green Clean is a concentrate, a 2-ounce bottle makes 1 to 4 gallons of solution when mixed with water. It can be used during any stage of development, even through harvest. It’s so safe, suiting up is needed to spray.

    Shake Green Clean really well before measuring; then, after adding it to water, shake the solution well. Shake every few minutes while spraying. Do not spray late-flowering plants with a heavy mix more than once or twice in their last couple of weeks before harvest. The best approach is to spray a light mix more often. Green Clean will kill every mite you can spray it on, but you can't spray Green Clean on the inner flower. Spraying according to directions can keep mites under control.

    You need to spray spider mites before plants flower or in early flowering. Before bringing a new plant into your grow room, you should quarantine it until you deem it clean.

    Use a pressurized pump type sprayer set to the finest spray possible to apply the solution. It's also important to spray without main lights on in the grow room. Let plants dry well before lights are turned back on. Outdoors, spray in the early morning.

    Green Clean Application Rate (Per Gallon of Water):

    Rooted Clones: 1 1/2 to 2 oz / gal
    Mothers Infested: 2 oz / gal
    Maintenance: 1/2 to 1 oz / gal
    Plant Wash: 1/2 to 3/4 oz / gal
    Powdery Mildew: 1/2 to 1 oz / gal

    Green Clean Tips:

    It takes more than casual spraying to control mites. Follow these four steps:

    • Get rid of leaves that are less than healthy—leaves that are curled, dried out or yellowed. Don't throw them on the ground; remove them from the grow room or grow tent.
    • If you can control the temperature, cool the grow room and keep it cool, 65 degrees if possible, 24 hours a day until you regain control. Cooling the room will slow plant growth, but it also will slow the growth of bugs. Turn temps back to normal only after your mite problem is eliminated.
    • Saturate plants thoroughly with your Green Clean solution. Spray every surface of the plant. Miss a bug or an egg and you’ll still have mites—simple as that. Cover the whole plant and everything around it with solution.
    • Don't go from plant to plant without cleaning up between plants.
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