Growpito Sim Mix 1.5 cu ft

Growpito Sim Mix is 1.5 cu ft of a reusable, soft, and stone wool-based, growing medium which will save you on water, nutrients, labor, and electricity.

Less Water : Less Nutrients : More Green


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Name Growpito Sim Mix 1.5 cu ft
Brand Growpito
Weight (lbs) 7.25
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Growpito Sim Mix is a perpetual, soft, virgin stone wool-based, growing medium. Growpito - the perpetual grow medium for today...and tomorrow. Made in the USA.

Growpito Sim Mix is easy to use and reuse from seedling to harvest, spun fibers combined with inert and BPA free bio-foam cubes, which encourage colonization, keep the stone wool aerated and create the perfect environment for root growth. Designed for flood and drain systems, Growpito reduces water usage while maximizing yields.


  • Perpetual equals repeatedly reusable, no environmental waste.
  • Less water. With flood and drain less water is required so you use less nutrients, and water once every three days.
  • More green equals saving; money, time, water, nutrients, and the environment.
  • Gets better with every use. No disinfecting necessary, just fluff and replant.
  • Complete nutrient control.


  • Uses up to 30 times less water than recirculating deep water culture systems.
  • Promotes colonization of beneficial bacterial and trichoderma.
  • Growth cycles shortened, no veg for medicinal growers.
  • No spent medium to replace.
  • Little to no waste water.
  • Maximized yields.
  • Light weight.