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The final frontier of the horticultural hobbyist has moved from the backyard to the back room—or basement or garage. There are some good reasons for relocating outdoor gardening projects to indoor spaces. Indoor gardening using hydroponics and even soil pots allows for four-season gardening and unprecedented environmental control.

If you want to grow plants to their optimal potential in terms of quality and quantity, controlling your environment is paramount. Use our Grow Tent Configurator to build the perfect grow tent kit to your exact specifications, allowing you to choose your tent size; options of lighting including HPS/MH, LED, and CMH; and finally your choice of grow style from soil, coco coir, ebb & flow, or flood & drain.

Control of Environment

Having your temperature, humidity, and CO2 at optimal levels drives vigorous plant growth.

Reduce Plant Odors

Carbon filtration ensures your smells stay in your tent, and not bothering you or your neighbors.

Mobility and Portability

A grow tent is a much better option for those who intend to deconstruct and move their kit in the future.

  Reduce   Infestations

No pests. A sealed tent provides a microcosm where you decide what enters and what doesn't.

Best Use Of Lighting

Lighting gets optimized and more efficient as the photons bounce off the highly reflective walls of the grow tent back onto your plants.

What Lighting Do I want

choosing a light


HID (high intensity discharge) lights include both HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) lights. These lights are great for putting a large amount of light over your grow with an inexpensive upfront cost.

  • + Best option growing on a budget
  • + Lower upfront costs
  • + Higher yield weight per upfront dollar spent
  • - Light spectrum is not as “dialed in” as LEDs or CMH
  • - Higher Energy bill than LED or CMH


LED’s (light emitting diode) are cutting edge technology when it comes to plant lighting. LEDs spectrum can be engineered to give plants the exact wavelengths they need. LEDs are a more cost effective solution over their lifetime when you consider the lower monthly energy bills, less cooling, and no required lamp replacement every year.

  • + Less wattage can perform equivalent to a HPS or MH
  • + Many growers claim to have healthier, higher quality plants
  • + Lasts 50,000 hours which is usually about 5-7 years of growing
  • - LEDs don’t penetrate as far down as HPS or MH
  • - LEDs will be more expensive than HPS, MH, or CMH


CMH (ceramic metal halide) grow lights are popular due to their efficiency over traditional HPS/MH in light output per watt and their fuller spectrum of light that increases the growth, overall health, and yield. CMH lamps have a higher color rendering index (CRI) that more closely mimics the spectrum of the sun.

  • + Higher UV output means plants produce more essential oils
  • + Lasts 18 months compared to 9 month HPS/MH lamps
  • + The best light for plant growing competitions
  • - Light spectrum isn’t as precise as LED however penetration is better
  • - CMH fixtures do not come with air cooling flanges on them, so you cannot directly cool the fixture

Choosing your Media


  • Most natural growing method
  • Easiest growing method available
  • A good option if you want a fully organic end product
  • Slightly more likely to have issues with pests

Soil is the easiest method of all to grow plants just add water. This is a low maintenance and forgiving system for beginner growers. Soil isn’t the quickest method for growing plants but easier to maintain than hydroponics system


  • Great hybrid option between soil and hydroponics
  • It’s nutrientless and leans toward a near-ideal pH
  • Has characteristics that prevent over watering
  • Also a great option if you want fully organic end product

Coco coir is made from the fibrous husks of the inner shell of the coconut. It’s nutrientless and leans toward a near-ideal pH. It gives your plants roots a strong structure to grow in, yet drains well so over watering becomes close to impossible.

Ebb & Flow

  • Great if you want your reservoir external to your grow tent
  • A fully hydroponic method with fast growth results
  • Slightly easier setup than Flood & Drain system
  • Great for those looking for fast growth and a new science project

The larger root zone area of Ebb & Flow systems allows plants to grow larger than in a Flood & Drain system. If you want your reservoir outside of your tent, the larger options of this system (4’ x 8’ and larger) offer the ability to keep the reservoir outside of your grow tent for easy access.


  • A little more setup, but very automated once complete
  • A fully hydroponic method with fast growth results
  • Only one reservoir to manage for pH and EC
  • Great for those looking for fast growth and a new science project

Flood & Drain systems are particularly good for those looking to grow a larger number of smaller plants. As the plants will be elevated about 18” to 24” above the tent floor.

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pick your perfect tent in 3 easy steps
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Yield Light Media