Primordial Solutions - Sea Green (1.0 - 0.5 - 4.0)

Sea Green is a game-changing "compost tea extract" that works throughout all stages of your plant’s life-cycle to increase nutrient availability. Use Sea Green in conjunction with our nutrients or your existing feeding program. Effective in soil or hydroponics, with organic or salt-based nutrients. Organic chelators, surfactants, and amino acids are included for optimal microbial and plant support.

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Name Primordial Solutions - Sea Green (1.0 - 0.5 - 4.0)
Brand Primordial Solutions
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Plants can make the most of the nutrients they're given with the help of Primordial Solutions Sea Green (1.5-0.5-4.0)! Useful in both soil and hydroponic gardens, Sea Green breaks nutrients down into forms that can be easily absorbed by plants, increasing the availability and variety of beneficial materials available to them. Sea Green can be used to improve any existing nutrient program, even those using high-salt fertilizers or organic nutrients.

  • Make nutrient absorption possible even under high salt conditions!
  • Break down nutrients into forms that can be easily absorbed by your plants!
  • Increase the amount and type of nutrients that can be absorbed.
  • Keep essential nutrients available.
  • Aid in the prevention of diseases and pests.
  • Prevent nutrients from leaching out of the soil
  • Sea Green works with soil and hydroponics!

  • Sea Green will improve any existing nutrient program, whether you use high salt fertilizers or organic nutrients.


    Use just 1mL per gallon when you feed for explosive results! Mix your nutrients, pH if desired, add Sea Green, and stand back.

    To really set things in motion, foliar spray with Sea Green at just 0.5mL per gallon of water!