Veganic Nutrients
Organic and Vegan plant nutrients. Nothing derived from animal byproducts or animal wastes, only plant derived nutrition. That means no heads, tails, shells, scales, dung, guano, or manure. Replacing animal byproducts with vegetable wastes, mulches and microbe teas. Veganic cultivation aims to make nutrients 100% bio-available at all times using beneficial microbes to process nutrients and maintain healthy root mass.

Veganic simply means no animal-derived products are used, instead, turning to plant-based nutrients and soil enriching microbes to provide an overall healthier ecosystem for your plants to thrive in. The key to veganic cultivation is to maximize the soil or media's availability of nutrients that are readily available to your plant's root system.

Veganic nutrients leave no residue behind from leftover uncomposted fertilizers and manures, unlike most organic fertilizers made from animal products which eventually negatively affect your pH which then interferes with the plant's ability to take in nutrients. Veganic nutrients, after the plants have metabolized the nutrients, only leave behind complex carbohydrates which in turn feed microbes in the soil or growing media.

Aiming for complete 100% nutrient absorption, veganic cultivation converts decaying plant waste into an environment for beneficial fungi and bacteria, which in turn create the healthy ecosystem in which your plants can absorb all available nutrients. Compost teas are a great way to introduce veganic nutrients to your plant's root system.