Air • Water • CO2

Air • Water •  CO2
In your room or garden, the weather depends on you. You make it rain, change the seasons, and conjure the environment that makes the plants happiest. Wizardry like this depends on reliable technology. From pumps to reverse osmosis, we have it all. Learn More


Of course plants need air, and so do we all. But air in grow rooms needs to be treated properly to keep plants and growers comfortable and healthy. Air conditioners help to maintain temperatures favorable to plant health. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers adjust humidity to levels that promote different plant stages and meet worker health recommendations. Filters and odor control, fans and ducting keep air circulating and help to prevent and eliminate molds, and absorb odors they cause. To keep air bubbling into hydroponic solutions use air stones and diffusers.


Hydroponics and aeroponics systems are the most efficient and effective ways to raise plants indoors, but only with the proper equipment. Pumps, some submersible and many oil-free, get water and nutrient solutions to your plants’ root systems, or inject air into the solution through hoses connected to air stones or diffusers. Promote growth by using water filtered through highly effective reverse osmosis systems and find all the water-related accessories you may need, including drip tubing and fittings, sprayers, and R.O. filters.


The plants in your grow room need carbon dioxide, but levels can fall because the plants use up C02 as they photosynthesize. Generators & burners can help to boost CO2 to levels beneficial to plants, and controllers and can help keep levels healthy. GrowersHouse also carries CO2 tanks and regulators, and other accessories to maintain carbon dioxide levels. To better understand CO2 needs, read our CO2 buyers guide.